Tuition is paid on a monthly basis. Pricing is based on the assumption that students will receive an average of four (4) lessons per month. Semi-monthly (2x per month) or “a la carte” options may be available upon request.

Private Lessons
30-minute lessons – MEC location: $100/month
30-minute lessons – residential: $125/month
30-minute lessons – additional family member: $90/month
60-minute lessons – MEC location: $190/month
60-minute lessons – residential: $215/month
60-minute lessons – additional family member: $180/month
Group Lessons
45-minute group lessons – MEC location: $75/month per participant

For residential and large-group pricing information, please contact us directly at

Other Service Charges
Late Payment Fee: $10
Returned Check Fee: $25

Automatic Payments

If you would like to sign up for our monthly auto-debit program, please download and fill out this form. Completed forms may be mailed to the studio or dropped off at the student’s lesson.