“The experience has been fabulous. Our children have participated in a variety of services such as guitar lessons, voice lessons, and ensemble and they’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

“It’s made him more confident, and the discipline he’s cultivated through practicing his instruments has helped him in school.”

“He looks forward to lessons. He has a much better appreciation for music now and playing helps calm him.”

“They’re very comforting and supportive to her situation, and it’s been a wonderful experience… She leaves here very happy.”

“You guys are awesome! You have given our daughter a creative outlet and an independent activity and special interest! Thank you especially to Sarah and Sean for the recitals!”

“We are very thankful for all that you do to support our kids. You have impacted so many families by giving the children a talent and skill that they can be proud of.”

“They just understand our kids, they get it. We don’t have to explain their quirks; we don’t have to explain the differences in our kids.”

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