Private Instrumental & Vocal Lessons

Music Education Centers (MEC) currently offers both traditional and adaptive musical instruction on all of the following instruments:

  • Piano / Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Electric Bass
  • Drums / Percussion
  • Violin / Viola
  • Woodwinds
  • Low Brass
  • Voice

We also offer private lessons in music theory, songwriting, and other music-related subjects upon request. Our goal is to be as flexible and accommodating to our students’ interests as possible.

Group Lessons / Ensembles

In addition to private lessons, we offer music instruction in small group settings. In group lessons, socialization and cooperative learning is encouraged through lesson plans geared toward one particular instrument or an ensemble of instruments. The social aspect of interacting in a small group setting and performing in recitals for their parents and peers is a huge self-esteem boost for many of our students.


Group Enrichment Classes

Are you a group home manager or an organizer of programs for home-schoolers? MEC’s enrichment classes allow larger groups of students the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of music through customized activities and lesson plans focusing on rhythm, melody, harmony, instrument families and popular musical idioms.