Which instruments and programs are offered at MEC?
MEC offers lessons on almost all instruments and voice. Private music lessons can be taught with both traditional and adaptive methods to accommodate a variety of learning styles and special needs.

We also occasionally offer individual or group instruction in songwriting, music theory, student ensembles, and more! Don’t see your subject of interest listed? Just ask and we’d be happy to work with you on designing a program that fits your needs.

Which instrument do you recommend for someone who is young or inexperienced?
Many younger students start on piano before graduating to other instruments. The basic nature of piano is simple to comprehend and achieve success with quickly. It also offers the opportunity to develop fine motor skills that will be required to play other instruments.

How long and how frequent are the lessons?
Beginning students typically start with 30-minute weekly lessons. More mature students may start with either 30 or 45-minute weekly lessons, depending on their experience and developmental readiness. Since lesson plans are tailored to each student, your teacher may recommend a longer lesson as the student improves, or multiple lessons within the same week.

Where is the MEC studio located?
We are currently located at 1788 Penfield Road in the town of Penfield, New York. Our parking lot can be accessed from both Penfield Road (Route 441) and Liberty Street.

What sets you apart from other music studios in the Greater Rochester area?
In addition to their musical qualifications, all of our teachers are required to have some level of special education experience in order to work with us. This allows us to more easily accommodate students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD/ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Dyslexia, Visual Impairment, Epilepsy, Tourette’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety Disorders, and a variety of other special needs. Parents and caregivers who come to us will not need to worry about whether or not their assigned teacher is familiar with the student’s diagnosis and able to adapt instruction accordingly.

Additionally, while our Penfield location is fully handicap-accessible and conveniently located near I-490, we are one of very few music studios that offer the option of residential (in-home) lessons throughout the Greater Rochester area.

Are your programs only for students with special needs/disabilities?
No. We accept students of all ages and abilities.

Do you sell/rent musical instruments for students to use?
We do not currently sell or rent instruments. Students may purchase instruments and other supplies at their local music store or from a private seller on Craigslist. If you are not sure what to buy, ask your teacher for assistance.

How much do lessons cost, and what types of payments are accepted?
Our current monthly tuition rates can be found here. We accept most major credit cards and personal checks. Credit card payments can be made manually online or automatically by signing up for our auto-payment program.

How often will I have to pay tuition?
Tuition is typically paid on a monthly basis, although families may opt into a quarterly payment schedule if they wish. For those enrolled in our auto-payment program, tuition payments are automatically withdrawn on the 1st of every month.

Do I receive a tuition credit if my child misses lessons?
We strongly encourage families to make up any missed lessons. There are a number of ways in which lessons can be made up, as described in our Studio Policies. In extenuating circumstances, tuition credits may be offered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the billing office if you have any specific questions.